Setting Young Minds In Motion

Setting Young Minds in Motion

For children of preschool age, we offer an award-winning system of educational childcare that involves innovation, creativity, and critical thinking unlike anywhere else in the State of Georgia.

Training Young Minds into Developing Thinkers

For students in Advanced Kindergarten through 1st Grade, we offer next-level, interactive learning opportunities that have produced a lengthy track record of undeniable, remarkable success.

Creative Curriculum

We believe that learning takes place at the intersection of discovery and fun. At Creative Beginnings, our entire program is designed to meet children at that intersection, and empower the next generation of learners to be collaborators, innovators, critical thinkers, and good citizens. The Creative Curriculum is at the heart of our educational foundation.

STEM Learning

We engage in STEM Learning that puts emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math in a system designed to simulate real life learning, while combining technology, creativity, discovery, and teamwork.

Why Choose Creative Beginnings?

At Creative Beginnings Pre-School Academy and The Mary E. Kelley School of Excellence, we seek to provide a nurturing, high-quality, developmentally appropriate program for young children with a focus on an educational curriculum within a stimulating environment that will help to maximize their total development and prepare them for next-level school readiness.