About Us

Creative Beginnings is a fully licensed, accredited, accelerated school where creative, interactive learning is the key to our students’ success.

Creative Beginnings – Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our 20 Year Legacy of Success

For 20+ years, the mission and vision of Creative Beginnings has been centered around providing the absolute best early education for each unique child we teach. Our foundation is built on strong, proven learning development principles that will engage and enhance your child’s cognitive learning to the point that it truly sets their young minds in motion. Our mission and vision are centered around providing our students with a safe, engaging, Godly atmosphere that serves as the platform for student growth and an academic foundation that maximizes learning potential and school readiness. We believe this is evidenced by the fact that every student who has successfully graduated from Creative Beginnings has tested for accelerated programs, gifted programs, or has been promoted to a higher grade level.

Creative Beginnings – Accreditations, Awards, and Accolades for Excellence in Education

Meet Our Founder

Meet Sharonda Fosten, the sole Program Owner and Lead Early Childhood Educator of Creative Beginnings Pre-School Academy. Sharonda is a Licensed Childcare Center Operator in the State of Georgia, and has accumulated many accolades, degrees, and certifications in her field. In 2003, she established Creative Beginnings Pre-School Academy, which currently serves students age 3-5 (pre-school to kindergarten), and the Mary E. Kelley School of Excellence, which currently serves students from age 6-8 (advanced kindergarten to first grade). Sharonda consistently strives to improve the quality of services offered at Creative Beginnings by staying ahead of any new childcare laws and mandates, advocating for early childhood education, and developing new, exciting, and stimulating teaching methods and activities for her entire staff.

Sharonda Fosten has a mission for your family, which is to provide your child with a loving, safe, fun, stimulating, and structured learning environment that will install readiness not only for school, but for life. One of the most important roles she has is to help every child develop the proper skills that will turn them into lifelong learners. At Creative Beginnings, Sharonda ensures that learning is intentionally integrated into each area and aspect of every daily schedule. This is the kind of education that is designed to be exciting and fun while addressing each child’s need for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Sharonda wants you to know that here at Creative Beginnings and the Mary E. Kelley School of Excellence, we are creating tomorrow’s innovators, today!